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  • Glass-linings

Abrasion Resistant ABRISIST

THALETEC ABRISIST is a glass lining for processes that subject to intense wear the glass coatings. Specifically hydro abrasive wear ocours for instance in stirring processes when solids are also present in the fluid. They can be or become suspending particles or cristals as a result of a destilllation or cristalization process.

THALETEC ABRISIST is available in the following types

•  ABRISIST/b: Color medium boue,  satin or shiny
•  ABRISIST/w: Color pure white,  satin or shiny
•  ABRISIST/VC: Color middle blue satin or shiny with wear indicator


Besides the optimal glass lining with ABRISIST, other optimizations can be performed. Among them, the usage of optimized turbines and baffles.