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About us

THALETEC supplies a full wide range of glass lined equipment, i.e. tanks, columns and receivers. Thaletec offers you high efficient jacketed or halfcoil reactors and high efficient glass lined compact heat exchanger or with SIC pipes for an even smaller construction. THALETEC also offers a complete range of spare parts which are readily available and vital for your processes equipment.

For Energy and Environmental applications on power plants, THALETEC offers glass lined heat exchanger pipes up to 39 feef lenght, which are not only new to the world, but also manufactured on a continuous high quality manufacturing process.

All our products are „Made in Germany“, manufactured from certified materials and components, mostly from German high quality suppliers. We offer a wide portfolio of reliable high quality equipment, regardless if it is a standard product or a customized one.

Glass linings

Glass linings for the process industry is an universal composite material, which can be used in processes with a PH bandwith from 0 to 14.

Glass linings is chemically resistant when other materials would fail already after a short period of time.

For this reason appliances in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries use layers of this universal glass material over a basis steel body.

A glass lining is composed of one or two layers of ground linings and up to five layers of cover glass lining. The latter give the glass lining the chemical resistance and the required operation characteristics. Normaly as basis materials fine grain steel (like P275 NH, P265 GH) is used, which have limited levels of carbon and manganese.

For special applications is possible also to use materials that are nickel based for instance hasteloys or inconel, to take advantage of the high chemical resistance and flat surfaces.

For economical reasons, the demanded quality, layer thickness and accuracy of glass linings shall be reached by a low number of cover layers.

Further information about the history of glass linings manufacturing see Wikipedia.

Besides corrosive applications, due to their extreme high surface quality, glass linings are also used by processes are prone to caking and adhere.

Glass linings equipment and components are used for polymerization processes like the THALETEC PowerBaffle: Glasslined heat exchanges used as BafflesPowerBaffle manageble for sure.

on the Apparatus wall or the components, like e.g. polymerizations. The high surface quality of the glass linings largely avoids product adheres.

Since different applications demand diffferent requirements from the glass linings, THALETEC has, besides the universal chemical and pharmaceutical glass, for instance the electric conductive glass CONDUSIST or the abrasion resistant glass ABRISIST specially designed for high abrasive processes.

With pleasure we advise you to find the best choice of glass linings for your process.

Jetstream Mixer

THALETEC LiquiPulse jet stream mixers are agitators consisting of a drive, an agitator and a ring enclosing the agitator, the socalled stator. With relatively low power input, making them very
economical, LiquiPulse jet stream mixers from THALETEC can be used for the rapid and effective mixing and homogenisation of tank contents.

On account of the mixing principle, LiquiPulse jet stream mixers can be installed centrically, eccentrically or laterally in tanks and need no further tank installations to fulfil the task of stirring.  For fast and accurate temperature measurement in the stirring medium, THALETEC LiquiPulse jet stream mixers are equipped with a FlexSens 100 temperature probe (2xPT100 in 4-circuits-

Glass-lined Columns

THALETEC manufactures any customized glass lined Columns upon customer requests. Columns of any necessary height can be manufactured with flange diameters between 200 mm to 2,000 mm and a max. height of up to 5,500 mm.

From a nominal size of 400 mm the components are connected with clamp screws, smaler sizes with loose flanges. Optionaly THALETEC also some customer requirements of reduced tolerance deviations acc. to DIN 28007-2, Quality level f.

This results in lower flange flanges unevenesses and thereby easier sealing of flanges vereinfachte Abdichtung der Flansche der column elements between each other. Quality made in Germany.

Glass-lined kettle reboilers

THALETEC kettle reboilers consist of a horizontal glass lined vessel. This has at least one tangential nozzle for the lateral mounting of a tube bundle heat exchanger. A vapour nozzle is used to discharge the vapours.

Additional nozzles can be implemented as required. The heat exchanger is preferably a glass lined heat exchanger of the type WTU. Preferably a WTU type glass lined heat exchanger is used. The exchanger can be heated using liquid heat transfer media.