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Glass inspection

The glass linings of the equipment should be periodically tested to assure their safe operation.  Usually following test procedures are performed:

  • High voltage test
  • Visual control Kontrolle
  • Layer thickness measurement

For a quick test, without the need to enter the equipment, the THALETEC Glass Detective can be used:

THALETEC Glass Detective Portable

The THALETEC Glass Detective Portable is a carry on and mobile and easy to use device to test glass lined and plastic coated surfaces used in process equipment like reactors, tanks and columns.

The THALETEC Glass Detective Portable uses the princip of ciclical capacitor analysis created between and the glass lined tank surface or component and the electrodes of the sensor.

The conductivity between the process media and the platin or gold electrodes are measured. A corrosive attack starts in case of a damage on the glass linings, which is analysed by the electronic device and the results presented

Glass linings damaged? Then what?

If you identified damages during the test, please contact our service. We are readily available to repair the damages for you. We use our proven repair technology.

Here you find an overview of processes to test the glass lining during manufacturing of the equipment. The tests on the on site are only slightly different.