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Seminars and trainings

Weiterbildung und Qualifikation by THALETEC

Glass lined process equipment is often the hearth of a plant. The right handling with these sort of system is paramount for the availability and productivity of the equipment. In addition there are many possibilities to optimize glass lined equipment – to get even more productivity from the equipment, to save energy or to increase yield.

THALETEC offers an extensive trannings and seminars for the qualification of customers and users of glass lined equipment.

THALETEC offers the following training topics :

  • Symposium "Glass linings "
  • Compact workshop "Handling of glass lined equipment"
  • Workshop "Hydro-abrasion"
  • Compact Workshop "Maintenance"
  • Workshop "Aereation"
  • Workshop "Maximum heat transfer"
  • Workshop "EmRep”Repair of glass lined equipment"
  • Workshop "Electrostatic charges on glass lined equipment"
  • Workshop "Engineering technology"