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Maintenance and Repair

THALETEC Service is available for you any time.

We can act localy and quick with our service headquarters ind Thale, Leverkusen, Plankstadt und Ludwigshafen. We can ve very flexible with the cooperations we have with our service partners. This allow us to assure that your production equipment can be quickly and schnell und reliably serviced and repaired.

THALETEC has very experienced and well trained associates. A service engineer from THALETEC can perform a complete maintanance and repair of your glass lined equipment. Glass linings tests, Glass lining repairs, Repair as well as Replacement of mechanical seals, Exchange of all glass lined parts, Repair of <link140 - internal-link "Opens internal link in current window">Bottom outlet valvesor inspection of Drivesare routine tasks or our service engineers.


By repairs where our welding technology is required, we can offer you very well trained personnel with all necessary certifications. Our service engineers are constantly trained in our headquarters in Thale and informed about all our new products.

Particularly by older systems or competitor's products our service engineers are reglassing und ReSale products constantly trained.

Health of our associates is very important for THALETEC and therefore a special attention is given to reccuring trainings in the field of SGU (SCC). The necessary medical supervision is at least as important as the technicl qualificaion of our our associates.