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  • Glass-linings

Universal resistant RAS GLASS blue

RAS Glass blue is the "workhorse" our glass linings for the process industry. This glass lining is almost universally applicable and has a dark blue or cobalt blue color. RAS Glass blue is universally chemicals resistant and can be used for the glass linings of all sorts of components and vessels.

Except for a few exceptions, RAS Glass blue is also used for the glass linings of our standardized spare parts, which match also the equipment of other manufacturers, that you can get from THALETEC. You find further details about it in Spare Parts on this site. 

This glass lining has a high resistance for acid PH applications and is for the majority of applications also resistant for higher PH values.

RAS Glass blue is used mainly in general applications without pronounced requirements for cleanability or for the glass linings of storage tanks, receivers, columns or other equipment.