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  • Glass-linings


Glass-lining for Polymerization Processe

THALETEC Polysist is a new glasslining that has been specially developed for polymerization processes. Compared to other technical enamels and especially electro polished surfaces THALETEC Polysist has a significantly smoother and anti-adhesive surface. THALETEC Polysist also improves the heat transfer, which is important for the dissipation of reaction heat, compared to other chemical enamels.

The special properties of Polysist are achieved by additives to the enamel raw materials used.

Compared to electro polished metallic surfaces with Ra values of 0.4, the roughness of THALETEC Polysist is consistently only 15% of this value.

THALETEC Polysist can be used for all relevant glass-lined and product-wetted components (e.g. vessels, agitators, baffles, etc.).