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  • Glass-linings


Extremely alkali-resistant glass-lining

THALETEC ALKALISIST is a newly developed enamel for processes where the pH value is (significantly) above 7 over long phases.

While common glass-linings have excellent chemical resistance in highly corrosive acidic processes, these glasses perform less well under basic conditions. This is mainly due to the basic properties of glass, which include glasslinings.

The durability of glass-linings is proven by standardized test methods. These make it possible to objectively compare enamels from different manufacturers. DIN EN ISO 28706 4:2011-08

applies to the proof of alkali resistance. According to this test method, THALETEC ALKALISIST has a corrosion rate that is 60% lower than the corrosion rate of a standard glasslining. Nevertheless, even in the acidic range (DIN EN SO 28706 2:2011-08), THALETEC ALKALISIST has a corrosion resistance that is within the permissible values according to DIN EN ISO 28721-1:2011-06.

To increase the operational safety of components coated with THALETEC ALKALISIST and to detect critical glass erosion at an early stage, THALETEC ALKALISIST is produced in a multilayer process with an embedded indicator layer. If glass erosion occurs during use, it is easy to visually detect that the end of service life is approaching.

Figure: Layer structure of THALETEC ALKALISIST with extremely alkali-resistant top layer glass and indicator layer for early detection of glass erosion