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TwisterMixer - Glasslined Static Mixers

THALETEC TwisterMixer are static mixers and heat exchangers of fluids, solids or gases as well as for their tempering (heating or cooling) during the mixing process.

THALETEC TwisterMixer comprise of a pipe (borosilicate glass or glass lined steel), where a glass lined static mixing system is assembled. The mixing system Mischsystem consists of a variety of axial mehreren, axial behind each other disposed and counter-rotating spiral mixing elements. Each mixing element divides the flow in 2, 3 or 4 partial flows (smoothness), so that after nach about 3 to 6 mixing elements an homogene mixture of the supplied material is reached.

The mixing elements are manufactgured with the help of a 3D printer additively from a special metal alloy. All parts in contact with the product are glass lined.

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