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Temperature sensing technology

Recording the process temperature is becoming more important to control the process. For this reason the the requirements for calibration and the reaction time are increasing in this field. With flexsens 100 and the measuring tip Quicktip THALETEC has developed decisive innovations for temperature measurement in glass lined tanks.

THALETEC QuickTip is a new temperature measuring system for your glass lined equipment. It is characterized by a very high measurement accuracy and a vergy good reaction behaviror with negligible inertia. QuickTip temperature measuring system is composed of a insert measuring sensor flexsens with 2 Pt100 along with a glass lined measuring tip.

THALETEC flexsens 100 is a temperature sensor with 2 independent Pt100 elements in a 4-wire circuit. Both Pt100 are flexible and are integrated in an also flexible element to facilitate handling. For calibrations, the temperature sensor can easily be installed and removed, also in confined spaces.

Radar filling level probes are used to record the filling level in glass lined reactors. For the probe "Vegapuls64" from Vega (a manufacturer) THALETEC offers a standard nozzel adapter, which significantly facilitates the integration of this probe in your process.