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CIP- and GMP-solutions

THALETEC offers you an array of solutions to clean glass lined equipment. The THALETEC flush ring enable a fast CIP cleaning from container nozzles and components that are normally difficult to reach. THALETEC offers different flush ring types for baffles, ball valves and other parts differend. The flush ring is self-draining.

THALETEC CIP base flanges enable to complete standard mechanical seals types M461KL-D20/xxx-00 from EagleBurgmann with the einem CIP cleaing system and/or a collecting cup for possible resulting wear particles. The CIP cleaning system allows an effective and efficient flushing of parts that are difficult to reach like agitator nozzles, shaft and all parts of the mechanical seal that get in contact with the product. To make an agitator CIP capable it is only necessary to replace the glass lined base flange with a THALETEC CIP base flange.

THALETEC ClearView sight glass enables a clear view in the glass lined reactor, unimpeded from condense drops, deposits and product rests. A sight glass element DN 100 is a sight glass remeldet in the steel body so that it is seal-free and pressure tight that has a lateral flussing connection DN 25 and a PTFE nozzle ring. Only a flush of a few seconds with liquid or product compatible with the process is necessary to assure you a clear sight.

The existing mechanical seal can further be used. Over the connection of the CIP base flange the sealing gas can be introduced to avoid rise ups of steam in the in stirrer and to protect the mechanical seals from deposits and chemical Gleitringdichtung vor Ablagerungen und chemischer attacks.

Mit dem CIPPY-Baukasten bietet THALETEC ein modulares Sprüh-Reinigungssystem für emaillierte Apparate bis 2000 mm Durchmesser an. Die CIPPY-Einheit besteht aus einem Verbindungselement und alternativ einem statischen (StatiCIPPY) oder einem auto-rotierenden (RotoCIPPY) Sprühkopf. Das Einleitrohr ist bis zu 600 mm lang, hat zusätzliche Düsen für das Abreinigen des Behälterstutzens und ist aus glasfaserverstärktem PTFE mit FDA-Zulassung gefertigt.