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2021, the year of innovations at THALETEC

On this page you will find all new solutions from THALETEC, summarized compactly on one page.

Innovation #1: HydroCIPPY GL

As promised, here is the first innovation for 2021: A glass lined CIP cleaning system for all glass lined vessels and reactors.

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Innovation #2: RTS Pipe Temperature Probe

And here we go with the second innovation: The new THALETEC RTS pipe temperature probe makes it easy to measure the temperature of media in glass-lined or lined pipelines!

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Innovation #3: Valve Service

Here is the third innovation in 2021 - this time a service innovation: THALETEC now offers a comprehensive repair and replacement service for bottom outlet valves of all well-known manufacturers of glass lined process equipment in Europe with the "ValveService" program. Details can be found after clicking the link.

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Innovation #4:THALETEC HexaTube System

And we continue with the fourth innovation in 2021, the THALETEC HexaTube System. Six important functions in one component!

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Innovation #5: MixerSettler from THALETEC

Mixer-settlers are continuously operated process systems for liquid-liquid separation. Find out everything about this solution with innovative features here.

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Innovation #6: QuickTip NT

The THALETEC temperature measurement system QuickTip in combination with the pT-100 sensor FleXsens (is known to most of our customers. Now there is an even improved version.

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Innovation #7: Non-destructive wall thickness measurement for glass-lined vessels

Due to external corrosion, abrasion or cavitation, the steel wall thickness of glass-lined vessels and reactors may be reduced compared to the target wall thickness. A new offer from THALETEC makes it possible to measure the wall thickness of the vessel from the inside.

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Innovation #8: Electrically conductive glass-lined bottom outlet valves

Glass-lined bottom outlet valves could not previously be glass-lined to be electrically conductive. This has now changed. With the help of conductive enameled bottom outlet valves, you can avoid ignition hazards when emptying glass-lined process equipment.

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Innovation #9: THALETEC ConduStrip – Grounding flange gaskets at any time

With THALETEC ConduStrips, you can electrically ground flange gaskets on glass-lined apparatus and piping, even retroactively, and thus create even more operational safety in hazardous areas.

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Innovation #10: THALETEC RefPoints

Don't search, but find! Take advantage of a new feature of glass-lined equipment and parts from THALETEC – an unique solution.

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