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Heat Transfer

Decreasing natural resources, continuous increasing energy and material costs along with our responsibility to future generations demands a systematic management of available resources.

THALETEC product solutions can significantly improve heat transfer.

By using a suitable high performance mixing system or using an integrated heat exchanger – the Powerbaffle – the reaction heat is quickly transferred. The reaction heat can be supplied via PowerBaffle, standard or a half coil jacket.


Flow nozzles type AgiJet assure optimal flow pattern in reactor jackets.

High performance reactors from THALETEC produce a high flow speed along with turbulances - also in areas close to walls - and facilitate the heat transfer.

By exothermal processes the usage of multi stage agitation systems and integrated PowerBaffle heat exchangers became especially proven practice. Demonstrably a production in improvement of around 30% could be reached for instance in the fungicide production.

Speziell für die Energietechnik bietet THALETEC Wärmeaustauscher an. Details finden Sie auf dieser Seite.